35 Simple Butterfly Nail Art Designs with Pictures

Butterflies are the most wonderful and beautiful creatures on earth. Butterfly Nail Art Designs are very pretty to look at. Creating these designs with the help of different nail shades have become easier and can vary in design and color, and it is great fun to paint them on your nails. If you are not good in artistic and creative designing, then you can go for making a simple butterfly and choose eye colors of your choice.

Butterfly Nail Art Designs (4)

Butterfly Nail Art Designs are very simple and beautiful. You can use a color combination of your choice and if you combine white, baby pink and black color for making a butterfly, using the base as a contrast color and draw its curves using glitter and simple tools such as nail art brush or dotting tools, you can end up having a perfect nail art. Silver sprinkles can also be added as the lining. There is another splendid idea of applying a classic orange nail color as the base and can create small butterfly in baby blue color. You don’t need accurate color selection to draw a butterfly, you can use any of the different nail colors and can bring your creativity to life.


The best, simplest and cutest butterfly designs that you can choose are Butterfly Wings Nail Art. If you are a great admirer of butterflies and their wings, then you might get butterfly’s wings painted on each wing with small dots on it. If you keep the base color white, then it can highlight the lively colors of the butterfly. All these designs are quite eye catching and vibrant and remember, butterflies are meant to fly and attract the hearts of the people wherever they go so if you are an expert, you can also draw flying butterflies on your nails to attract the attention of the people around you and to enhance the look of your nails.




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