52 Pink and White Nail Art Designs with Images

Nail Art is a very simple and commonly used art to decorate the fingernails and to enhance your outfits or to brighten your every day looks. As these designs enrich the feminine beauty and makes it the focus of attention. So for this purpose, applying Pink and White Nail Art can be an excellent idea because pink is the favorite of most of the girls. Both these colors look so cute and attractive together and can be utilized no matter what event it may be or what time of the year it is. To create a design using white and pink nail colors, you can apply white as the base color on nails and draw heart shape or polka dots on it with the help of different shades of pink and toothpicks.

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Pink is a soft and delicate color and there of plenty of shades of pink when you have to choose the ones that suit well with the shades of white. Both these colors can be applied together if you draw white and pink strips vertically and horizontally. You can also fill your nail colors with pink color and add white zig zag lines on top of it. Another great idea could be of using baby pink color and drawing white flowers with pink shading in its petals that will give a classy and elegant look to it.

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White color as a base can also bring about fun ideas to your nail art designs because whatever you draw on it will become prominent. Now you can create a cute pink butterfly, small pink roses or any other design or pattern of your choice that perfectly goes with your attire or mood. A variety of pink and white combinations such as strips, bursting hearts, flowers can be created with these nail colors, and if you are an expert then other artistic and complex designs like that of Eiffel, bicycle, etc. can also be painted on your nails but don’t forget to add glittery effect to it and to seal your design by applying top coat.

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