35 Rainbow Nail Art Designs with Colorful Images

For all the nail art designs that we apply on our nails, we need some specific colors and shades because using different colors is doesn’t look pretty for all Nail Art Designs. Rainbow Nail Art Designs are for those girls who love to put many colors together on their nails. They are the kind of girls who love funky styles and want to make their nails look super cool, bright and lively. Another good point of this design is that it can be applied by a girl of any age as it looks pretty and suits well and you don’t need a specific occasion or event to apply this.

Rainbow Nail Art Designs (17)

Rainbow Nail Art can be created with the use of seven nail colors i.e. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. It is up to you how you use these; whether you make a simple rainbow design or add more creativity to it and end up making different designs. All the rainbow colors can be painted in the form of strips neatly and to make it more amazing and unique, you can also involve puffy white clouds on it. The use of glitter is also very common when you are designing your nails with rainbow nail colors and you can give glittery or shimmering look by applying the glitter in the form of dots because this is a hit and popular rainbow design of all the times.

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Rainbow designs are perfect and best for any time of the year and can go with all kind and color of attires. Most of the girl bring innovation in this design by painting the tips of their nails with rainbow colors and on the other part of the nail; they give an effect of a white cloud as a base and rainbow shades on it. So girls, what are you waiting for? Just play around with your nail colors, create your designs and have fun with the rainbow at the tips of your finger

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