50 Red, White and Blue Nail Art Designs with Images

Red White And Blue Nail Art Designs 26Nail Art Designs are very popular and loved by women these days. However, there are some women who are always ready to create these designs by themselves but some other who are not that much creative, go to salons to get nail art designs for special occasions. When we think of three colors; red, white and blue altogether, the image of American flag comes to our minds. Red, White and Blue Nail Art Designs are popular in the month of July because America became an independent state on this day and people over there are so much excited for their independence celebrations. Although there are many ways to be a patriot, for women, the best of all the ways is to show their love for their country through different Nail Art Designs. These designs can be created with the use of the color of their flag i.e. Red, White, and Blue.

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Painting your nails on the 4th of July is a definite and wonderful way of sharing happiness, pleasing yourself and your loved ones and showing love for your nation. So if you are an artistic and creative person, then the perfect idea is to draw the flag on your nails neatly. Keep the base white and paint blue on the left side of the half nail and when it gets dry, create stars on it using white color. On the remaining area of your nail, draw red and white lines horizontally in a delicate way. Now let your flag dry and apply top coat on it to keep it protected.

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All of us use different ways to show love for our country like dressing up patriotically, hanging the flags, doing face painting, singing the songs of our country, watching parade etc but now Nail Art has gained more popularity among women, and they can come up with different unique and artistic designs other than just simple flag making as when combined, these three flag colors, will speak for their significance by themselves.

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