Black & White 2016 Acrylic Nail Art Designs

Black & White 2016 Acrylic Nail Art DesignsBlack and white acrylic nail designs are getting familiarity in 2016. Combination of black and white seems to be elegant and stylish. It creates an English bossy look of the nails. Contrast of black and white is very natural. You can simply use your own imaginations or aesthetic sense and can apply as much designs as you can. There are some designs that are just for instance of black and white acrylic nail designs 2016.

1. As “check design or Burberry design” in black and white can be applied in parties and can easily be followed by using art pens and different shades of black and white color.

2.The most unique or novel design here is of “heart beat design” in which you can beautifully and artistically show the total process of beating of heart. This design in black and white must be applied on the cardiologist’s nails by the way.

3.”Zebra paint” in black and white is another fabulous design here which reminds you of real zebra like creature. It will surely show your liking towards them.

4. Other “Sig sag” designs are also very impressive and give a new touch to the old simple nail paints.Moreover splatter and lace acrylic nail art are also in fashion

Top Casual Hair Style Photos For Girls

Casual hair style

prom-party-hair-tutorial-step-by-step-guide with Back-combing tutorial photo.jpgWhether you have short hair, medium hair, long hair or curly hair. You have that problem that how to maintain all those types of hair in a decent way. Here are some tips for you to deal with all types of hair. Every girl face this problem that how to look adorable on daily basis? How to make new hair style and become presentable? In the modern world we see that every one want to look pretty and stylish.


So here are some casual hairstyles which help you, girls in keeping yourself maintain, and will definitely make you feel good.



  • How to Back-combing

You can simply select a layer of hair from the frontal part of your head. Comb it well. Then make the hair jumbled from the back side of the layer. You feel that you hair left up suddenly. Then tie them beautifully by the pin or clip. You hair style is ready.How to Back-combing tutorial photo

How to do Back-combing tutorial photo.jpg

  • How to Front layer twist

complete Front layer twist hairstyle photo.jpgSimply comb you hair well and take one layer from the right side of your head. Make a twist of it by your figure and tie it with a pin on the back side of your ear. New stylish hair style is ready. You can easily carry this hair style in schools, colleges, universities and at work places. Here is the step by step tutorial photo .

step 1 and 2 Front layer twist hairstyle photo

step 3 and 4 Front layer twist hairstyle photo.jpg

step 5 and 6 Front layer twist hairstyle photo.jpg

step 7 and 8 Front layer twist hairstyle photo.jpg

Front layer twist hairstyle photo.jpg

Top 3 Easy Hairstyles For Working Woman

Top 3 Easy Hairstyles For Working Woman

For working women as they work well and domestic activities of the office where needed, especially for House wives is very difficult to manage time. They take care of their children and husbands need. And for their children who have to reach office on time for her husband to prepare the lunch. After that a working woman can not go to the office without a proper preparation for the office itself needs some time to get ready. A little makeup and her hair needs some time to implement. Without them, it would be strange to go to the office. But they have more time for all.stylish hairstyle

So here we have it in less than a working woman can perform the duties that they will show you how. With just a few minutes can make simple but attractive hairstyles. A working woman here in just a few minutes can make 3 different hairstyles, no special equipment is required, just need tricks. In this post we have following hairstyle  examples for working women.

1: Below hairstyle tutorial represents the step by step procedure of different hairstyles that how a working lady can adopt these hairstyle.

easy step by step hairstyle photo

2: Picture represent the step by step process of how to do an easy hairstyle ?

simple step by step hairstyle

3: The picture represents an easy and amazing hairstyle tutorial photo .

simple-hairstyles step by step photo