Amazing Wedding Lace Nail Art Photos

The beauty of our weddings, your nails two days before the big day should be perfectly done through some nail art. But how should you do about nail paint? The bride should use some classical nude or pale pink colors on her nails, but some others a bit more festive might want to flaunt. Whatever your style, -classic colorful, feminine, or astounded it tells about your personality .

lace wedding invitation card bridal wedding lace dress

Now a days fancy laces are viral in fashion . such as the use of laces of laces in wedding cards , wedding bridal dresses, wedding fake or real nails and in wedding shoes . I love lace nail art , So when I came across these gorgeous and elegantly edgy lace-nails art designs the only thing which come in my mind is the Big day ( Wedding day )  . The fake nails , artificial nails , acrylic nails are being used with glitter , stones and laces to cast a vintage and elegant look. The nails must go with bridal dress and should be match with the wedding theme.

This Wedding card example shows the hottest trends in wedding accessories ideas . The real lace and stones brooch is used to make the card more beautiful.

Below we have the most beautiful lace nail art design photos for bride which can exclusively carry on the wedding day.

Top 3 Easy Hairstyles For Working Woman

Top 3 Easy Hairstyles For Working Woman

For working women as they work well and domestic activities of the office where needed, especially for House wives is very difficult to manage time. They take care of their children and husbands need. And for their children who have to reach office on time for her husband to prepare the lunch. After that a working woman can not go to the office without a proper preparation for the office itself needs some time to get ready. A little makeup and her hair needs some time to implement. Without them, it would be strange to go to the office. But they have more time for all.stylish hairstyle

So here we have it in less than a working woman can perform the duties that they will show you how. With just a few minutes can make simple but attractive hairstyles. A working woman here in just a few minutes can make 3 different hairstyles, no special equipment is required, just need tricks. In this post we have following hairstyle  examples for working women.

1: Below hairstyle tutorial represents the step by step procedure of different hairstyles that how a working lady can adopt these hairstyle.

easy step by step hairstyle photo

2: Picture represent the step by step process of how to do an easy hairstyle ?

simple step by step hairstyle

3: The picture represents an easy and amazing hairstyle tutorial photo .

simple-hairstyles step by step photo

Best Stylish Wedding Nail Art Design Photos

Best Stylish Wedding Nail Art Design Photos

It’s a fresh new start in life as a married woman, for all of them means a lot. You will soon have your wedding or just to make carefully each and every detail of this memorable event at every moment, intend to dream about it, of course. Your wedding theme wedding dress and accessories, style choose? What about your nails? Red and white are the colors of the bride, but the nail is worth a try and there are various nail art design. White lace, roses, snowflakes can only be applied to your nails are a few of the creative patterns. In this post you will only see stylish wedding nail art designs and exclusively with use of glitter with stones . Acrylic wedding nail art design photos are also included in this post.

Click on the images below to see the larger Images :)